squeezable and temporarily sealable

does any one have any suggestions for a material that , when squeezed, make a temporary seal with itself???

please help

thank you


hey zu,

what kind of application are you looking for? do you need to mold the material? how long a bond do you want? how should the bond be broken (by hand, with tools, solvent, etc.)?

A very soft silicone material or TPE might do this. Think of those squggly little spider things you buy and throw at windows and they “crawl” down. Or a soft TPE/TPR gel like in an asic gel heel cushion.

Not sure what kind of material, but maybe also look into that “snot” that they use to hold a credit card to a piece of paper when you get a new card (or stick a perfume sample into a magazine).

wish i could help more specifically.