Square One Sketching Conference in Chicago!

I’m surprised this hasn’t popped up on the c77 home page yet, thought I’d spread the word:

Very excited to be giving the keynote presentation at this conference. The list of presenters who are leading workshops is incredible. Tickets go on sale this week!

So pumped!

I think it is going to be a good one. A little more info.

Tickets just went on sale for this a couple of hours ago. I’m told they are selling really fast. Seats are limited to I think around 160?

You can get tickets here:


some more info on the lineup of workshops:


Excited to be giving the keynote talk at SQ1 tonight. Anybody from the boards going to be there? I know Chevis and Jeff will be.

I’ll be there tonight and tomorrow! Very excited.

Ill be there as well. as its comfy Friday, ill be wearing my work with the built in name tag :wink:

Looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone.

Friends that sketch together… :slight_smile:

A couple of shots between workshops at Square 1