Spring steel clip- seeking advice

Hi all,

I need some help. Im working on a small consumer product that uses a spring steel clip that clamps a plastic piece over fabric. The spring steel piece needs to push down and hold the plastic part in place. Similar to a clothing hanger i believe. Having trouble figuring out how to prevent the spring steel from falling out of the piece, any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Wanted to get some feedback before buying the hangers.



I am assuming the D-dent on the underside of the spring steel nests into the plastic. That should be fine.

On the top side, instead of having the spring steel part flair “up”, have it flair “down”. Add a corresponding though hole in plastic part and Bob’s your uncle.

The portion of the spring steel that goes through the plastic does not need to be the full width of the spring steel. It could be just a tab or two. You could also use the same method to secure the spring steel to the bottom part instead of your current D-dent.

Thanks IAB I think I follow atleast helps push me further. Been banging my head on the wall on this one. Would the spring steel be formed in the plastic then attach the front plastic hinge?

thanks so much!

No. The steel would be formed separate, then assembled to the plastic parts. I don’t see a need for spending money on insert molding.

Ok cool thanks so much!

Just as an fyi, your hinge pin is now designed as a separate part. You could redesign it so it is integrated into the top and bottom halves of the hinge, eliminating the part and decreasing assembly time.

Thanks, it is designed to be integrated into the top section, may just look like that in the web graphic. Thanks again