Spring CO-OP portfolio DAAP

Hey All,

This is my second attempt at putting together a portfolio for co-op. I’m a sophomore at DAAP so not a wealth of projects to choose from. Can you please give me feedback on layout, and any other general things that you see could be better? Thank!

Since no one has said anything, here are a few things I think I could work on:

A few people have said that I need more interesting title pages for projects

also secondly I know that most of my projects lack a bit of depth, they’re mostly just sketches and renders so im going to back and inject a bit of a brand into my handle project.

Does anyone else have any suggestions as to things I can do to bump my portfolio up a level?


Okay I will bite. I have just looked at it on an iPhone screen but I will give you me first impression. Overall I like the style. Very clean. I wasn’t able to read everything so I will get back to you on the wording.

The chess project was pretty interesting. I like how you created pieces based around the negative space. The opening page is not working for me. I am not getting the pics at the bottom of the page. I don’t see how they relate. At first I thought it was an extension of your resume page (which I would move to the end).

Next I take “Personal project” out of the title in the reed project. It is not needed and could take away from it. I would also like to see the development work from this project. How did you get to your solution.

I have to say the the soap design is to a VERY narrow market almost as if it was designed for one person. Is this the case? You might want to expand this. How would it fit to a broader demographic? Visually the work looks good. I would have to look at it on a larger screen.

Over all you are off to a good start. I will look at it on a larger screen when I have a free moment and give you a bit more feedback. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the feedback! It’s funny you mentioned the soap bar demographic because we were actually “a person” to design for. That was the entire point of the project. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of sketching for the reed project, so I think I’m going to have to go back and sketch some for that project… thanks for taking a look at it!!

Portfolio4.0 by Daniel Orbach - Issuu <----- Decided to reformat it haha. Same content, but InDesign is nice for changing around the basic feel. Do you think its better?

As a recent DAAP id grad I remember how difficult it was to create a nice sophomore portfolio with only a few projects to choose from. Great work, especially on the clean and well-focused layout. Your portfolio will change a thousand times before you graduate, but efficiently communicating your ideas will always be the key. You’ve done that here.

Just a couple of things to work on:
-Play around with branding some of your designs. Very rarely wil you have the complete freedom to use whatever forms, colors, etc. you wish, and effectively utilizing a brand shows your ability to recognize and apply important design cues.
-The title page of the handle project is a little confusing; the image suggests you are designing a handle for a pair of pliers.

Overall, keep up the good work. Good luck with co-op and the power tool project.

Thanks Jeff,

Thats a REALLY good point about the hand tool… I didn’t even think about it that way, because I really didn’t mention anywhere that I was designing a masons trowel. I’ll definitely fix that and explore branding opportunities as well.