sports goods inspired alarm clock


I did this today (solidworks + photoshop). I kinda like the simple form.

What do you think??

I like it too.

I esp like what I am reading as a huge snooze button, which is something I have been looking for in an alarm clock myself.

A few points (how could I resist)

  1. the display does not respond to the form of the snooze pad. A look at Nike equipment, especially timing products will show that all of the forms should relate to one enother in some way.

  2. what makes this Nike? nike only makes products that can in someway be tied to sport or performance, even if that connection is tertiary. could this have some unique features that gear it toward a runner, or training, getting up super early to got to practices??? flush the concept out… it might not even look any different.

a few comments

assuming the display has comparable size to most alarm clocks out there it seems this clock is quite large

if the display is not similar to current products, it may not be easily readable from any type of distance

functions?? I see no buttons, other than if maybe the large red area is indeed a huge snooze button, which isn’t necessarily a problem given there has been some thought given to this

and as Yo mentioned, how is it a Nike/Sport/Performance product?


In response,

i was just playing with the form on this concept so yes, there are more details and development to come, ill post later today when ive added this.


the display was done using photoshop (which im just beggining learning) so i dont know how to get the display to follow the split line in terms of form. if you could tell me how this is done i will do it because thats how i wanted it to look anyway!


i know what your saying man. the display does look small compared to the rest of the product so im gonna have to think about this. i dont want to change the form too much ands i dont think the display will look right anywhwhere else.

Functions and buttons still to render also and yes, my idea was that the part (shown in red) would be a light and snooze button all in one so that when the alarm goes off the ambient light comes on but when you touch it it goes back into snooze mode and the light goes off.

As far as sports related, i dont know yet :smiley: but im gonna think of a way to tie it in somehow :smiley:

Use the pen tool in photo shop to create a shape that follows this line. You can then manipulate the shape as you wish until it’s perfect. Then try to use some of the layer styles inner/outer glow/shadow etc.
I did a pretty sketchy version in about 5 minutes, unfortunately I do not have any place to load then link the image right now, nor the time. Good luck!

Perhaps the bedside alarm clock can be the hub of a training system. Perhaps data from your Triax can be downloaded and monitored from the bedside system

there ya go, nice way to start to flush out the concept.

Hey master blaster

nice sketch man, i think im gonna place the led where you suggest. Ive added more details over the weekend, will post when its finished.


If you’re really serious about alarm clocks, and not just form-exercises, please check out this thread and see if you can put it all together!

My only caution would be that not everyone wants all of that gadgety stuff. I only ask my alarm clock to perform two functions:

1: wake me up on time

2: look nice

For me it could really just be a huge off button with no visible display (I only look at the time on it when I set it)

I don’t wan’t it to check weather, project the time on the ceiling, talk to me, play mood sounds or even music. I think there is a bit of a return to these simple product functions in design. Do your thing and do it really well. Not to go off on to a totally different tangent but have you noticed how many things tell time in your kitchen? The stove, the microwave, the coffee maker…

That said I think it still has to have a reason for it to bear the swoosh that relates it to fitness or sport in some way.

Hello out there!

this is the latest version of the clock. Any comments??

Great evolution

I have a few little nitpicky things now that it has evolved so well:

  1. look at making the snooze button the entire red plate, it that is a secondary part, you are going to want to make it have a function.

  2. could be a place for controls

  3. the LCD is better, but it is still doesn’t relate to the overall form as well as it could. Make the forms “talk” to one another. Also could be a place for some controls.

I also threw down a few other overal shapes

I think their are still some bigger issues to discuss as well:

a) what typ of bedroom do you see this in?

b) what type of person would be attracted to this and why?

c) what are you trying to communicate to that person through functions, features, and form?

Keep up the good work!

cheers for keeping an interest in my project Yo but unfortunatley time is running out. There are so many other avenues id like to persue with this design but i have to get it off to a company by tomorrow (10th) to get an interview for a uni work placement. They are not looking 100% at the product but more at the overall presentation demonstrating knowledge of certain programs such as solidworks which i used on this. I have other stuff such as the concept sketches and a 3d exploded view which i also sending. I’ll post them also if anyones interested in seeing the development and construction??

the combination of the typography, stroke(?), and dropshadow(?) in the layout you are showing is kind of hard to read

Ditto on that last post, that font is nearly unreadable. Take a look at using something with more differentiation between the letters, and more spacing. The letterforms are WAY too close together.

to the last two posts.

i totaly agree, since i posted this i have changed the bottom font to a standard ariel black for clarity. Im just finishing off the details like the ones you have mentioned. Will post when the whole things complete.