Sporting Goods Design Firm

Quick question. If I, ahem, were to be out looking for a design firm to do some sporting good equipment, does anyone have recommendations?

Was originally thinking of Metaphase, but they seem to be entirely focused on hands.

Priority designs just outside columbus, oh has a diverse portfolio, as well as working on sporting goods stuff. They used to do ( and might still do) a lot of work for talyor made golf, STX lacrosse gear and some others…

What type of sporting goods are you thinking about?

As stated, what kind of sporting goods?

Sorry, guess I was a bit too vague. Priority looks very interesting…thanks for that link.

Developing a highly adjustable and ergonomic kayak seat. You know, like an Aeron for your watercraft! ha ha. By the way, that tensioned fabric generally doesn’t work for kayaks since, ideally, you’re sitting about 1" off the bottom of the hull. We’ve tried it. There is VERY little room for sagging and the variables with paddler’s weights is typically too high.

What about having the firm who designed the Aeron do it?

Highly versed in ergonomics and very capable of this type of project.

I don’t work there anymore but maybe give them a shot.

Although we do not specialize in Sporting Goods we worked on a similar project for Vespoli a few years ago. You may also want to check out Jim Sener’s company, I believe they are called design in action.