Sport & Design

Hi and happy new year to all.

I’m new member on this forum and I would like to have some website address about Sport and design (design for sport products) ?


I am also looking for some websites.
However, I bought a book few days ago about Sports Equipment Design.
It’s just like a thick catalogue, but worth looking at.

Another series of teNeues Design Pockets:

Sport Design by teNeues

This is the ISPO one of the largest trade shows for sports equipmewnt in Europe.

well, its another trade website, not a design website…but it might help.

This is one of the biggest biannual trade shows for the outdoor industry- not bikes, skis, etc. but Backpacking, climbing, some water sports, during the summer. During the winter, there is more ski, board, but still not the one for that…

for cycling, check out the interbike show in Vegas