Sponsored projects?

I was wondering what type of Sponsored projects everyone has had or are currently working on? I also wanted to know what the winner or chosen design has gotten in your projects if anytihing. I am talking about School only. Thanks.

Hi, I"m a junior in ID at Western Michigan University. My group is currently working on sponsored project for Koolant Koolers, a small liquid-chiller manufacturing comany in Kalamazoo, MI. They approached WMU with the idea of creating a new aesthetic/ functionlity (while keeping with in the manufacturing and financial capabilities of the company) that would appeal to the medical/ food-processing/ semi-conductor markets.

Because injection-molding is out of the question (think production volume of 1000’s per year) this is a very challanging project that puts real constraints on our design. (draft angles anyone?)

There are three groups here that are doing that project. There are three other groups that are working on projects for Whirlpool Corp.

As for what you get. Well, you get what you put in. If your smart, you will prioritize project so that you will have some good portfolio pieces. And it’s not going to be perfect (that 's what I’ve foudn otu) because everything is a learning process… that’s why I"m in school right?