splice large drawings

could someone tell me the process to splice a large line sketch into a program like painter 7.need to put a 18X24 line sketch into a 8.5X11 scaner. I know you would number are letter the pices. but what is the way to bring them all together in the program? thanks

Don’t know about painter but in photoshop you make a blank document that’s the size of the original. Scan in the pieces and bring them all in to the blank doc and arrange them appropriately. Then if your computer doesn’t melt down, change the document size to something more manageable. Then make yourself a note and put it on your desk that says “only draw on what you can scan”. Someone told me that simple statement and it helps. Don’t waste time post-processing stuff, piecing those things together is going to be a pain any way you look at it.
Could also photograph them digitally as a whole, that would work easier. But you’d have to get on a ladder or something and photograph them from a distance using a zoom so they stay flat and don’t get that round fish-eye look. But make sure it’s on something stable so it doesn’t get blurry.