Spinning perforated metal?

Hello all,

Im currently undertaking a project where I will be making a cone shape out of 1mm thick aluminium perforated sheet the aperture of the holes is 3mm, would it possible to spin it? I can imagine the holes may slightly warp, I also understand it could be pressure formed but its a process which isnt at my disposal.

Any information/words of advice would be welcomed :slight_smile:


Is this a one off or mass production?

  1. You can stamp it. High tooling cost though.

  2. Depending on the hole size, you maybe able to spin it. You should contact a supplier and just ask. Metal spinning is probably the easiest metal worker to find.

  3. You can spin an unperforated sheet and CNC laser cut the holes. I’ve seen this used for spheres. Very slow for mass production, but doable for prototypes. The laser cutter will be hard to find as there are not many that have enough articulation.