spider leg movement

hi i live in uk
and few good months ago, i saw on a tv about a guy who i remember to be a designer who designed a series of spider leg looking shapes out of wood which moved with the power of wind. this program was shot on a beach where the thing kept on moving forward in a line and showed how things are in one with nature and can monuver without having to use unnecessary fuels etc…

its really fustrating because i need his work for the current project that im doing and i cant seem to find or remember his name or anything.

hope anyone who watched this program can help me out with his name or just any information concerning this issue.

ps my project is based on movement and have to design anything which can move from a to b (approx 10m) with me inside it.

thanks very much

I think his work was featured on core77.com a while ago. But not sure when I’m afraid.

Try trawling through the last few months of core77.com posts and see if you can find it.


If I think you are talking about the right thing, then it is the work by the sculptor Theo Jansen, and the video was done by BMW.

If you want to find it, go to youtube and search for BMW Innovation.

Amazing engineering.

thank you guys so much
you have been a great help
i really needed his work for my current project

thanks again
really do appreciate it

I liked the video.

His ideas remind me of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions. They share the same thought process and appearance.