Speeding ticket in the mail by a camera

I got a speeding ticket in the mail this week by a camera in DC!
At first I thought it was a red-light ticket.
Damn city sucks!

get that clear paint for license plates. i won a can at a raffle and was skeptical, but tried it anyways. i used two different camers with the flash on. it obliterated the view and all the shots of my plate came out as a bright white rectangle from all angles.

http://www.globalgadgetuk.com/Personal.htm .

Ever driven through Canada? They don’t even pull you over on the freeway. They have vans that drive around and snap pictures of speeders, then mail them tickets. Let’s hope that doesn’t catch on over here…



I am going to get some off that photoblocker and spray it on my plates.
DC cops are giving $500 tickets for having clear plastic covers over license plates. I have to take mine off now. f the city!

theres cameras all over the phoenix,az. area. there are vans parked in specific areas waiting to nab speeders.
It’s a great way for assholes in the government to increase revenue while eating donuts.

there is a van or two like that here in charlotte. no points, just a $50 or $100 fine sent via mail…i can’t remember which.

How about a novel idea-don’t speed!

too easy.

are you retired or over 60, acala?

Neither-Live in LA, grew up in Phoenix-see the cameras all the time in Phoenix & drive the freeways in LA dodging gunfire and sig alerts-
just know what hill to die on.

I grew up in Chicago and traffic sucks everywhere. Speeders speed anywhere.

I got my Class A (commercial) license so I could help my dad out during the summer months. I pull “doubles” behind a Peterbilt 385.

I’ve been driving 55 for so long I’m not sure I’m able to drive faster than that. Besides, I’ve heard you can’t breath at speeds over 55 mph.

Isn’t this considered to be illegal search and seizure.

Being Canadian, we have different laws, but as I understand it from watching the plethora of TV shows and Hollywood pictures, doesn’t a judge have to sign a court order in order for a governent agency to perform surveillance. That court order must contain the name of the specific entity being watched and where the surveillance can occur.

Thus, shouldn’t you appeal the ticket on the grounds that the evidence against you was collected illegally.

Heck… I’ll bet the ACLU already has something brewing.


I am in Sydney and we have just had one notorious revenue rasing speed camera removed as there is another one just 200 metres up the road. Somebody took the powers that be to court over it, as legally he argued, that he had been fined twice for the same offence.


That photo block stuff does work but it is illegal here to have it. Why don’t some of the paparazzi hating celebrahtahs spray it on their faces and then they wouldn’t be photograhed as their heads would pixelate.

just wondering … does that paint also “pixelate” your license plate when ANY bright light hits it?

like say, the headlights of a following police car?

no, and i’ve lit mine up by following it at night with rallye lights shining on it.