Speed limits effect on design

Speed limiting technology looks set to become mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe from 2022, after new rules were provisionally agreed by the EU.

Electric cars haven’t seemed to really change designs (yet). However, I think this new rule might. I can only imagine that there will be some way for the European supercar manufacturers to avoid these rules, but it seems inevitable for the mass brands. I wonder if cars will lose the last bit of design expressing power and speed considering that it will be impossible to use any.

enter “track mode” and “GPS off” mode… I’m sure there will be artful dodges that cost a premium. Or just get an old car :slight_smile:

Hello, I work in the UK automotive industry and I can tell you this is interesting for lower volume vehicles as you say for super cars etc. They homologate through small series and can avoid certain rules.

Here is an article explaining it: Parliament approves EU rules requiring life-saving technologies in vehicles | News | European Parliament

Here is the exact wording from the EU commission white paper:
‘intelligent speed assistance’ means a system to aid the driver in observing the
appropriate speed for the road environment by providing haptic feedback through the
accelerator pedal with speed limit information obtained through observation of road
signs and signals, based on infrastructure signals or electronic map data, or both,
made available in-vehicle;

Definition: Intelligent speed assistance systems shall have the following minimum specifications:
(a) it shall be possible for the driver to feel through the accelerator pedal that the
applicable speed limit is reached or exceeded;
(b) it shall not be possible to switch off or suppress the system;
(c) it shall be possible for the driver to override the system’s prompted vehicle speed
smoothly through normal operation of the accelerator pedal without need for kickdown;
(d) where a cruise control system is engaged, the intelligent speed assistance system
must automatically adapt to any lower speed limit.