Spectra line

Does anyone have a source/factory for spectra line?

West Marine sells a few sizes of double braid spectra line; 1/8" - 5/16"


See all of the line they offer at:


If you have specific Spectra needs, like Climbing, Rescue, Industrial, Marine, Equine, etc. go directly to:

New England Ropes

If you are looking for very small diameter spectra, check out:


Or eBay, again, sold as fishing tackle.

Does anybody know whether there exist slightly elastic cords which are available in different colours and suitable for epoxy impregnation? The ropes I found were not very absorbent and limited in colour.
I would like to use the same cord in it’s pure form (elasticity) and in it’s impregnated form (strength), both in the same product.
In the worst case I’ll have to combine regular rope with springs, rubber or something similar.

Thanks in advance!