Specifying white plastics

Hi all,
This is an issue I have run into a number of times.
Manufacturers always want a Pantone colour for plastics, but a lot don’t accept the plastic chips.
Obviously Pantone don’t do whites as they are primarily for print applications.
I would love to get for specificity with white selection as well. The Dulux range has a great range of whites, but again, most manufacturers don’t have access to this.
Any ideas, tips etc. from anyone here?

PPG or Sherwin-Williams spec

RAL (9003 signal white for example)
Munsell has some nice neutral whites as well

thanks. have you had success with Chinese manufacturers with these?

I have used RAL before, and it seems to work. Still a little restricted in range.
Will try Munsell.

Pantone has great whites from their textiles ranges. I use this to specify products and graphics. My favorite by far: Blanc de blanc.

Good stuff. we may have to purchase one of the textile books.

With all of them? No.

With all of them that I use? Yes.

As with everything in life, it depends.

I would try PPG or RAL.