Specify title when applying?

I’m interested to hear how you guys have approached this. I have work experience and an internship under my belt, and I’m primarily looking for a full time junior designer position. Otherwise, another internship.

If a company isn’t advertising and I cold contact them, I’m not sure what level to mention. Asking for an internship could mean I miss out if they’re interested in hiring a designer. Whereas applying as a designer could mean I miss out if they’d only consider me as an intern. And it’s the same when a company advertises both an internship and designer position.

I don’t usually state my level. But I’m concerned that it implies that I’m mid-level instead of junior level, and as my work and experience doesn’t reflect that, I may not get taken into consideration for any position.

I don’t have a need. I would judge your level on your resume and portfolio.

I agree with iab and would go off of your resume and portfolio. However, when you inquire about positions maybe not mention levels at all, just ask if they have any design positions available. As a hiring manager I would look at your materials and compare that with the levels of my staff to determine where you’re at.

If you have work experience and an internship complete then I’d focus on finding the full time position with the cold calls, and only apply for internships that are advertised.

The way I see it is, if I came to you looking for an internship, and you’re looking for a full time designer who is already up to speed, you probably wouldn’t consider me.

If I came to you looking for a full time position, you may look through my resume and porfolio and only consider hiring me as an intern, but decide not to offer it as I’ve implied that I am an experienced designer looking for work.

And mentioning internships is likely to prevent them from putting me on their books for freelance work. Of the freelance work I’ve had, I never mentioned that I was looking for an internship or junior position.

I’m happy to take either an internship or full-time position. Just not sure of the best way to approach it.

Edit - Posted before seeing your post Greenman. Yes, I have simply been asking for a design position. So you recommend only applying for adverised internships. That could cut my chances a lot though.

It could hurt your chances of getting another internship, yes that’s logical.

But let me ask you this, if you’ve had an internship, done freelance work, and assuming you have completed school, why look for anything other than a full time position? I think all of that makes you qualified for full time design work somewhere.

I also would always try to shoot for the highest and just go for the full-time position. It seems that you should be ready for that now. Even if your portfolio is not up to par according to your own standards, you may still get hired just based on the facts that you’ve completed what you need to complete, your attitude and your way of working. You never know what someone sees in you.
It seems to me that you can just be honest and state that you’d be willing to do an internship in case you don’t get hired for the full-time position. So then I don’t think you’re cutting your chances.

I’m with Greenman, just ask if they have any openings, in case they do and are interested, they’ll get back to you with an offer. After that, is up to you to accept it, negotiate or just pass.

Good advice. I’m a bit concerned about my experience as it is not focused, from exhibition design to graphic design. I think it might be best to initially approach them for a full time position, and if I get a rejection (or don’t get a reply) then I could follow up and say that I’d also be interested in an internship. I could mention it in the same email as you suggest Ralphzoontjens, but I think that it could backfire in certain circumstances.