Specialised Trolley for Oyster Worker

Hi All~

This is my 1st post on Core77 so hi guys~

Just want to share what I think a good design which also for a good course, a Specialised Trolley for Oyster Workers designed by a group of Taiwanese Students.

Video explaining the reason behind the design and some design features ( sorry video is in Chinese…)

The Group behind the design.

Looks like a job well done. Very human-centered solution to a real, legitimate human need. Solid visual storytelling, but I still wish I could understand what they’re saying. I’m assuming you worked on this–can you translate?

Agree. I’d like to add that it’s good to see a viable manufacturable solution, without 3D-printing, “brand experience”, or IoT.
Also - 2.8 million views? That’s some penetration for a student project.

Video is so powerful. Even with the sound off, I understood the project completely in under 2 minutes. Good work!

The design is great too. Tube bending is so efficient, I’m glad to see your team reached for that instead of more costly production techniques. I love the little detail of a foot pad welded onto the tubes to help in lifting.

Great job!