Special plastics and design in the YRD!

I’m doing my graduation research according to Industrial Design in within the YRD (Shanghai Area).

I execute this research partnering with a Dutch company in Shanghai specialized in new materials (engineering plastics, composites, biodegradable polymers, injection mouldable wood, electrical conducting plastics, etc), injection-moulding and product development. The company focus is to develop an Industrial Design office focused on those High-Tec plastics and composites.

Those new materials generate lots of new design opportunities. My assignment is therefore to search for business opportunities within the YRD; wich markets are interesting for this business model? and what kind of (design) companies are suitable for partnering?

I’d be interested to hear any stories about this subject! of course other tips and comments are always welcome.

Can you show me any ‘new materials’ that you mentioned? Thanks.

Hi Phone Golf,

Those matierals are: engineering plastics / composites, biodegradable polymers, injection mouldable wood, electrical conducting plastics.

Some examples are:
HYJECT: In this project a new technology was developed to re-enforce injection moulded products with continuous fibres of different materials like aramide, glass and carbon. This evolutional system opens a lot of perspectives for applications where high stiffness and strength are to be combined with lightweight.
INJECTION MOULDABLE WOOD: Universal applicable injectable material on the basis of lignine en furan.

chek www.promolding.cn for more information

Hi, I have checked out the website you provided. I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t find any information that I am interested in ---- what the innovative materials are like and what their nature is and how they can be applied in product-development? …

Moreover, I would be interested to see what inside factory is like.

@ phone;I send you a private message!

any other comments are welcome