Speaker Grille

Hey how do ya’ll go about showing a speaker grill in quick sketches, I have tried hatching/crosshatching but it looks weak. I started just putting a few dots in the opposing corners, but it still is weak. I’m sick of having a billion speaker call outs on my sketch pages. Any advice?


I think the easiest way is to get a piece of screen mesh, perforated metal, or even some textile mesh (sometimes I use the webbing from the strap on my messenger bag) and use a pencil to rub it the texture onto the sketch. I’ve also implied a speaker with a few dots of hatches…

Here are a few examples of different ways I’ve done it:

Warning, some of these there are about 7 years old:

Thanks for the advice, I have used window screen before but the idea of the strap on a bag would probably work really well. I think ghosting in the cone really quick would help a lot too.

I think ghosting the cone into loose sketches works pretty well, I found a better example of it and replaced the old one above…

Did you do work for Bose at some point? Sort of ironic cause cause thats what I’m working on right now as well.

I worked for Evo Design, and Bose was a client.

Good old school drawings! Nice :smiley: