Speak a bit of Mandarin at your next Factory visit...

In my search to find some good lessons in Chinese, I came across, what is by far, the best way to learn some conversational Mandarin http://www.chinesepod.com Ken and Jenny put out some great podcasts (about 48 so far) Being able to say a few words can go a long way when going to visit a factory for the first time.

These guys cover a ton of everyday situations and take requests from their listeners. You can find everything from basic hello, how are you…,what the basic colors are, to how to tell girls that they are pretty and charming…what more can one ask for? besides all the downloads are free!

Being able to say a few words is appreciated and tends to be a good ice breaker…

Just thought I’d share my find.

some of the only Chinese I know that might not be on the list, but could be important working in Chinese factories…

[ DA - Wahn - ti ] “big problem” (everybody really jumps; use sparingly)

[ May - Wahn - ti ] “no problem”

[ Gamb- Beiiii !!! ] “Drink more of the knarly liquor drink with me right now!!!”

To learn to speak mandarin, you have to know some basics. People can’t pronounce the words properly because they aren’t told that there are 4 tonalities in mandarin. Of course I can’t demonstrate it in text.

But to use these as examples, the correct “spelling” is:

da4 wen4 ti2

mei2 wen4 ti2

gan1 bei1

Tone = number key:

_ / ^ \ = 1 2 3 4

anybody got a pinyin keyboard!?


i hope these links help for those who wish to learn mandarin. i have been learning a little over two years and have found it very useful as an id’er communicating with taiwan and china, my chinese girlfriend helps too ! (no, i don’t also have a leather jacket :wink: