SPD opinions

Hi there!
I am an architect who decided to do a master in industrial design in SPD!
Despite the first month that I was really enthusiastic about the new school, life in Milan etc., I realised soon that SPD is not the perfect place to study.
First of all, the level of the students, even in master, is too pure. Some of them can’t even speak in english (when the courses are held in english). I believe that there is no strict selection, everyone who is applied…will be accepted just for the money.
The staff is too arrogant like they believe they work at the best design schoool in the world and they press you to study hard in order to graduate. But this is not true. Every student graduates from there, even if he has no idea of design.
As regard the teachers I have to say that the only one I really appreciate is Ali Filippini who teaches Design HIstory. The others are not anything special and you neither learn new things nor improve yourself. They press you too much for nothing. The program of the master incudes so many different things but you don’t get too much into something.