Spanish / Brazilian design help

Can anyone from spain / brazil help me on this one??

Im looking for a hires image of the telefonica conectabox 4000p

otherwise known as the comtrend ct5361

manufactured by zyxel in 2007

cheers for your help

c’mon…someone please…

I found this from a blog:

write to the guy and ask him for some pictures. If you don’t speak spanish, or he doesn’t speak english let me know and I’ll give you a hand :wink:


cheers fella,

will do. and will let you know.

thanks for the lookout.

I didn’t find an email address, so I guess you’ll have to post a comment on the article.

have done already and tried to translate using babelfish - comments about it being similar to apple are kind but unfortunately the software inside doesnt back up the compliment according to mr ricefield - I had nothing to do with this, it was all xyzel and telefonica…!

I think few people in Spain speaks english. If he doesn’t get back at you let me know and we try in spanish.

By the way, how come you designed that stuff but don’t have any pictures or 3D?

Regards from Buenos Aires.

have you tried google image search?

i handed the data over to zyxel then resigned form the company.(large int branding comp) I was given 3 days to design 3 routes from scratch. tight isnt the word…

it has taken over 14 months to come to market…

i tried google - doesnt turn up that much - all the images are very small and I would like to put this in my folio… hence the hi res search… :confused:

Try this site

since you handled the data to zyxel, would it be possible to get in touch with them and ask for images?

i alerady have lo res grabs from the tech bods in korea, but I am loking for final shots of the finished product to show how the sketches developed to final design (cue glossy press image).

cheers again.