Register all Core forum users?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can you post that online poker link again?

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If the spam like today continues, I think Core has no choice but ot make the forums registered users only. Can we have a yea or nay vote here?

please make the spam stop!!! its making the forum shitty

I’m def thinking this could be the way to go. When core tried this 3 years ago, the registered traffic was much lower so traffic went nearly to zero following the registration only stint.

Now it could work. And if someone needed to make an anon post for some reason (talking about leaving or looking into a job or whatever) he or she could just register for a second account to a gmail box or something.

We’ve just implemented registration requirements for posting into the forums. The ones that remain open will be converted shortly.

Thanks Core77admin!

No one can say that Core doesn’t respond to the demands of their users!

we’ll see how this works… but so far its been nice.



About time.

Maybe now the forums can be rearranged. There’s posts and sections all over the place.

Spam a week after…what does everyone think about the registration? I’m really surprised in the transportation forum. It seems the views are pretty close to where they used to be, but participation has fallen off big time. It seems the same in the general forum. Is it just an off week?

If people want to contribute they can spend the 60 seconds necessary to register. If it isn’t worth their 60 seconds to register chances are their feedback and involvement weren’t worth that much either.