Spam Word Filters

I tried to post a new topic and I immediate got it blocked out for some word that was considered spam. I tried looking over my post several times and still can’t figure out what the word is. Is it possible to:

see the list of spam words and cross-reference them with my post to see what I need to take out?


have one of the mods review my post personally to see that I’m not spamming?

I’m not trying to complain since I know how much trouble this site has had in the past but I really would like to post this topic on here.

Your post has been approved, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

The reason your post was getting blocked by the spam filter was the word sale

~ consist of salesmen that deal with our ~
~ come from our sales team, ~
~ supervised by our sales department ~

I hope you understand.

The spam word feature will not be an issue after you have a few posts on the board. It only looks at the first few posts you make.

Thanks for the quick help. I’ll defenitley take note of this in the future.