I would love to have a button on the forums so that I can immediately flag someone or some thread that is spam. Our site has be tainted with these

Taking care of it right now.

It would be nice if we could flag posts… just some feedback.

there is no need to flag anything. the core board moderators (myself included) take care of the spam as soon as they see it and report the poster to the board admin for banning. There are enough of us that spam normally doesn’t last very long.

todays mega spam took a bit longer to clean up as there were over 80 posts.

In the future, best thing you can do is ignore the spam and please do not reply to it. Replying only makes the post go up on the active list and means we need to delete your message as well as the spam.



I have to say R that I am quite impressed with how well the moderators and admin react to these attacks. I was just thinking that if there were flagging, it may make it easier for you and the others.

Hop on Volvjlindka, sexspamming all over today.

we’re on it.


Wow, we are under serious attack today, haven’t seen it like this in a while!

a looooooonnnnnnnnnng while… …

any counter measures in mind? like double registration with a feedback loop?

We’re on it, no worries…


Install a CAPTCHA feature … don’t even ask for opinions from the Members; we won’t care, just do it. More $$$ to run the site no doubt; nothing’s free.

This is the worst I/we have ever seen it on C77.

I know you guys are on it, but this sh*t is hidden all over the site; there are a ton of “new” members in the “use’s on-line” block; most with 0-3 posts.


What a pain in the. . .

Actually it is like this most days, we just catch it fast. But some days it just catches us when a lot of mods happen to be offline… the hidden and diligent work of the crew on here!

soooo, whadda ya like to do with yer free time. . . ? :wink: