Spam message

Anyone else get this message this morning via Coroflot? Looks like spam…

Wallace Tillman said:
Im working on a new tech start up, I need a skilled individual proficient in product viz & 3D Design to help kick-start a large scale Indiegogo & Internet campaign. Due to the nature of this project i can only share very little until i have you sign a Non-disclosure agreement. I came up with an idea for an invention that I think will be a huge success! My idea involves developing hardware for specific, ios, Android and WM8 smartphones (Tablets included), to increase their storage capacity. The truth is from ios to android everyone wants more storage for their mobile devices. The potential to have 500GB of storage on-the-fly for your iphone 5 or Galaxy S III is immense. Feel free to email me back for more details project development thread: ~Wallace~