SPACE X Hyperloop

Here is a project I worked on with Carleton University’s student engineers to create conceptual proposals for the Hyperloop project. The Hyperloop is a conceptual high-speed transportation system originally put forward by entrepreneur Elon Musk, incorporating reduced pressure tubes in which pressurized capsules ride on an air cushion driven by linear induction motors and air compressors.

To view the full work : Behance

It looks neat. I agree it looks more trustworthy and approachable with the windshield and low skirt design. Would be great if you can share more information from an aerodynamics and MechEng point of view.

Well done! Nice work! I’d love to see a rendering of the interior as well. I think some interior views and seat design would round the project out.

I agree. I think it would be neat to work on that. I will definitely do so if I get some free time :slight_smile: .