Space Suit Designer

Attention all hands.

It ain’t rocket science, but it’s pretty damned close.

This showed up in my email from Monster this morning. David Clark is a leading aerospace support equipment manufacturer. You’re probably familiar with their protective clothing and communications equipment … every time you see a pilot on television or in a movie, with headphones on, they’re more than likely David Clark’s; their pale green color is unmistakable.

Job opening: Pressure-Space Suit Pattern Designer, See > Headset Communication Systems for High-Noise Environments | David Clark Company | Worcester, MA

Sounds like great fun. Good luck.

Disclaimer: Other than owning a set of their industrial noise attenuators (hearing protectors) , I have no affiliation with David Clark.
d-c headphones.jpeg

roger… couldn’t resist.

That looks pretty awesome.

hmmmmmmmmm … feature isn’t working. whassupwidat?

Roger, roger?

You have to take out everything but the video ID in the youtube link for now (which for this is just “15XlSbGzGTk”. I think they’re working on a fix.

Roger … roger* :wink:

Along with Young Frankenstein this flick still cracks me up, every time.

  • according to will, that is the fix. Works for me.

Now if they’d just post a legend for all the new icons… . . but I digress :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.