space fighter

This Sci-Fi project of creating a startship fighter is new for me and I can say with the greatest conviction that until the certain image doesn’t sit firmly in the mind (with the help of a ref pic), no effort will aid. My eyes ached of searching and I can with a clear conscience say that StarTrek has concured the Sci-Fi scene. I strived to avoid that
Since it’s new it took more time to construct. I’m confident I prefer this over building cars…

The ship appears in my gallery:

If you feel you can’t come up with something original why don’t you try sketching spaceships until you come up with something that you do like, and then model that. Sketching is alot faster, and it helps you get your ideas out faster. 3D modeling is a tool to illustrate your designs. If you want to check out some cool spaceship stuff go to . Scott Robertson is the man.

Wasn’t this one an original?? I thought it was
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Oh I thought you were saying that you were frustrated because you didn’t feel it was original, even still sketching things first will get you very far.

Is this wat u mean sketching?

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No, I mean like with a pen/pencil and paper. Then take the sketches that you like and model them. Go to the link that I posted, you’ll see what I mean.

you know, like this:

Tnx I went there and saw it, I’ll go deeper before deciding using it or not.
Tnx for the offer in any event.
If u could direct me to space fighter sketching specifically I’d greatly appreciate.

I’m not saying that you should model Scott’s sketches, i’m saying that you should do your own sketches and then model the sketches that you do. I gave you that link for ideas…

Undersstood and marked.
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