Space - Build character

To capture life – What is real?
Everyday we create images to capture life. Such an act of image creation is not voluntary but rather an automated process of experiencing life. Therefore, it is the imagination that characterize how we perceive things; every experience is interpreted differently by individuals and it results in their own image of memory, understanding, and will. If the notion of real depends on our understanding of things, it is our own images that shape our real – images have the ability to become the object(s) they represent. After all, nothing is remembered as its objective state. Everything exists in the form of our own image – our character.

“Thus, imagination makes possible all our thinking about what is, what has been, and, perhaps most important, what might be.”
– Nigel J.T. Thomas

Evolution of Imagination
The digital evolution has transformed the screen into the new paper where imagination is real – not only is it the image of things, but it becomes the things. I believe its ability to become things of our imagination will be empowered by new ways of sharing experiences: sensors that can capture the entire space by understanding the structures, 3d viewers simulating an immersive environment, and 3d printers with which you can download another chair at home. As the technological innovation takes on the processing speed of the system, imagination will be able to come to life in real-time. Thus, Space is the new canvas.

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