southeastern programs

how do the Auburn, Georgia Tech, NC state, Ft. Lauderdale AI, industrial design programs compare?

Im in georgia. I wish Art institute in atlanta had id so i could also do some digital media or something but i understand why they don’t.

so if anyone can give some info on these schools id be grateful.

from what I’ve seen and heard word-of-mouth

…NC State probably has the strongest, at my school we had a guest professor from NC State, he was as good as they get.

…I’d say Auburn has the weakest, unless they have reduced their studio sizes recently. Last I knew they would accept 80-something student into their undergrad ID program, screws up the teacher-student ratio.

why wasn’t SCAD on your list?

this is lee. i hadn’t registered when i posted.
SCAD just simply isn’t accredited. id love to go to SCAD cause i could do ID and minor in a digital media or i don’t animating (even though i don’t think id be any good at that)

im glad you said that about Auburn cause im a BAMA fan but i was keeping an open mind if they were the best.

ill have to look more into NC state

any one else got a comment have at 'er.

You should check out SCAD (have your read the thread concerning NASAD accreditation?) remember your portfolio is the bottom line - some great colleges have an accredited programs, but when was the last time anyone took notice of: Notre Dame, Syracuse, Ohio State…etc?

Most schools are great in one aspect and poor in another aspect (GD, PD, Inter action, etc). If you want to do inter-action try and determine what school is best at that.

actually Syracuse and Ohio State have much better programs than you think. Syracuse had a bit of a professor shake up 5+ years ago. But being sandwiched between CCS and Cinci (both top 5 programs) and Cleveland Institute of Art its tough for the other design schools (OSU, CCAD, Cranbrook, RIT, Carnegie-Mellon, etc.) to get a lot of press time. I would rate any of those programs better than the ones listed here (NC State would be an equal).

If your going off of Alumni and what they’re doing now, the best quick reference would be the IDSA member list.

I agree on one point, I haven’t seen or heard of anything out’ve Notre Dame or Purdue for example.

Good point AMP,

I was trying to say that accreditation was only a guide in helping choose a school. Last time I checked (awhile ago) only 38 of the 52 ID programs (US) had NASAD accreditation. I certainly would not let that eliminate SCAD from concideration.

My apologies to OSU and SU, didn’t mean to dis you specifically, just at one time you had top-notch departments.

When checking out a school keep in mind young profs have to bust their humps to get tenure and profs nearing retirement can (not always) slack off.

thanx. ill have to read that NASAD Accredidation thread. SCAD really sounds good to me if i can get in an can get a job with no emphasis on the accredidation part. i saw on SCAD they’re opening an atlanta school. but it prob. wouldn’t be as good At First as the savannah school. thing is i don’t think they’ll offer id there. bummer. im in 11th grade so i basically got a whole nother year to decide.

thanx for the info.

keep’em comming if you got any.


You can do Digital Media at GaTech, they are developing a new program in their College of Computing. Also check out the faculty in the LCC program - lots, and lots doing digital media. Come to GaTech and do a double major.

hey thanx. ill check that out.

john lee

That is not the whole story on Auburn. There is an inital weed out program after you do your core classes your first year. 80 would be an unusually large class size for this weed out summer progam. No more than 60 (and very often less) are actually accepted in to program and the studio sizes run around 25 at first and break down to about 15 your last two years.

There are also even smaller study abroad programs available to taiwan and Ireland/UK.