sourcing vendors in china/taiwan for electronics housing

not sure if this is the best place to post this but here goes…i need help sourcing vendors in china/taiwan for a low volume production (initial batch 1000~) of a wall mounted smart box. essentially, it’s a small plastic box about 4 x 6 x 2 inches with a digital display and a couple of buttons on the front that you can ring from your phone and turn on your heating, open the garage door etc. - an example can be seen here. i usually go through some taiwanese vendors as i’ve found they ‘handle’ communications and quality issues with mainland chinese factories very well, unfortunately, most of those contacts i’ve had are gone belly up and so i’d really appreciate advice and contacts from anybody who has experience with reputable vendors there who could handle this kind of job. i did try look around the forums before i posted here, i would like to get the most upto date advice and suggestions available. thanks !

We use VEM (Plastic Manufacturing Worldwide - Tooling and Molding) for our tools and molding and have been happy so far. Not sure if they offer assembly services.

If you’re on the west coast, there’s a large medical device manufacturer trade show ( coming up in Anaheim. The vendors who cater to the medical device market tend to be a little higher end, and there are usually a decent number in attendance.

thanks looselypeaking, i’ll check in with them. i don’t have any experience in medical devices but it seems a little high end/expensive for a smartbox enclosure ? i do need to get out to more tradeshows though and push the networking thing, on both the west and east coast where most of my freelance work comes from.

How about these guys?

We’ve been having a big discussion about them over here: So, this kind of upset me

How about flextronics? Folding knives - #2 by yo1

There is a firm in Seattle that does this sort of cordination as well, need to dig up the name…

Your volumes are low and may not be worth the effort and tradeoffs (costly travel, language barriers, quality, confidentiality, time-to-market, etc).

Have you considered having this done with the many alternatives domestically? There are many toolers/molders in the US that would love to work with you… You might look at other options like CNC machining, RP, Rapid-Tooling, Urethane Castings, Aluminum Tooling, Pressure-Forming, etc…

Add up all your costs and you might find domestic molding more than competitive.

Good luck with your venture!