Sourcing paper, paint, cameras

Hi guys,

I’m heading back to uni soon for final year in the UK and i’m having a few troubles sourcing some bits n pieces to make sure im fully stocked.

One thing i cant seem to find is a huge roll of newsprint here in the UK, has anyone had to source this and managed to find some?

Paints: i’ve done some model making before but want to make sure my model looks awesome so are there any recommendations of types of paint : i normally just head down to halfords and use their custom stuff.

Camera: really after a decent camera i have quite a small budget but could do with a top notch camera for product visuals and photos for my portoflio of process shots. Can anyone recommend any? I’ve looked at the core77 post on cameras as well as scowered around Digital SLR’s. I dont really have any knowledge of cameras bar but what i learn’t from maxwell this year. Any ideas?

should help mate, i your uni should provide all materials needed, newsprint is a bit of a rare one to find that, i suggest phoning up local printing companies and chat up some secretaries to get that info out of them.

Cheers for the help there mate,

I have sourced most items, via using google i get most my stuff from refulled or graphcics direct. I was really tbh struggling with the newsprint, really so i can just get huge reams of it and plaster my walls with them and draw all over them.

The paints was just that i dont really have much model making finishing experience and was curious to those that do if they recommend any certain types what to avoid etc…

for high value / high quality / pro-sumer / amateur-grade / lower budget DSLR I would recommend the Nikon D40.

it takes excellent photos. interchangeable Nikon lenses. really great reviews from respected shutterbugs in the business. I’ve found it as low as $340 online.

I’ve done a bit of research on this, picking mine up this weekend.

refuelled is quite a good place.

auro car paint is pretty good, but be careful what material your spraying onto, say for instance blue foam :stuck_out_tongue: