Sourcing manufacturing


Can anyone fill me in on the process of finding manufacturers and sourcing materials? Example how would a small startup produce a speaker for an ipod? How does a multibody product get manufactured and assembled? Same plants? Or are the pieces produced independently then shipped to a fulfillment center? Does the small business find each part manufacturer and then coordinate shipping to a fulfillment center? I realize that there are still a lot of variables, IE iphones are probably all made and sent out from Foxconn, but for smaller runs how does one connect the dots with overseas and domestic manufacturing or multibody parts.

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Look up a contract manufacturing specialist. This is one that I would recommend:

Good people.

Or, you can search alibaba for a manufacturer that makes a similar item and ask them if they would be willing to contract manufacturer your design. Chances are, they will. Just be aware, it’s a risk!

For more info, I highly recommend starting with the book, “The Mouse Driver Chronicles”. It was a start up that went through all the typical problems. You can read my review here (shameless plug): Mousedriver Chronicles book review

Hi Thanks so much or the response, I just bought the book hope to get it soon. For the Jade company basically i can tell them my needs and send them files and they coordinate on the sourcing and manufacturing end? Any tips are super helpful

Thanks again!