Sourcing lamp hardware / parts?

Hey - don’t know if this is the best place to ask, but I’ve searched not only these forums but through Google extensively and have had no luck.

I’m trying to source various lamp hardware - cords, plugs, switches (inline or not), etc (but primarily those 3 components).

I’ve found it extremely difficult to find anything nice. Most of the sites I come across are for restoring old lamps, so the hardware is pretty dated and ugly IMO.

For plugs, best I’ve found are the cheap plastic ones that screw or snap together, which can be bought through Ebay, Walmart, etc. I haven’t seen anything nicer, not even sure if something exists like this unless sold with a cord (which I’m open to if the cord is nice). I’ve even considered trying to source the little spades and mold a plug myself using a hard liquid rubber, but that’s a project in itself.

For the switches, again I’ve only really found either cheap plastic inline switches (Ebay, Walmart, misc online and retail stores) or clunky looking things. Finding a toggle switch specifically (rather than momentary) makes it even tougher. Haven’t seen anything “designer”.

As for cords, I suppose I’ve had the best luck with these, but it isn’t cheap (though I guess that isn’t a real concern for prototyping). I’ve found two “designer” cord sellers through Ebay who sell by the foot and meter, one in the States I believe and the other in Germany. I’ve also found a company, I think in Sweden (search NUD Collection), who sells not only lengths of cord but also kits with a socket and plug I think. I’ve ordered samples, their product is nice. I’m talking cloth covered cord from all sellers, available in a multitude of colors and patterns.
I’ll mention also I’ve found a lamp cord kit from Ikea, but it’s your standard plastic appliance cord with an inline switch.

So, I suppose what I’m asking is, if you have sources for hardware and are willing to share, please post! Even beyond lamp hardware, interested in seeing what’s out there, be it for tables, chairs, whatever. Thanks-

Just checked NUD Collection, they’ve added to their collection. Good source for cords, and cord kits and bulbs too I suppose. Worth posting a link:

This should help:

Hi jjello, thanks for the reply - had my doubts about the link at first, seemed like the typical antique lamp hardware site I’ve seen a lot of, but after digging in there’s actually some decent stuff in there. I was especially impressed by some of those switches (small unobtrusive push-button types are great), and there are even some alright looking plugs and cord sets. I may place a small order for some things.

Thanks again! Still interested in anything else you guys may know of.

You’re welcome.

I’ve had a lot of difficulty sourcing acceptable-looking lamp hardware in small quantities at retail. Grand Brass is the best I’ve found so far. If you dig though the categories a bit, you can see that they offer many items in nickel/chrome plate and white, instead of just the old “antique brass”. And they have woven fabric pendant cords - not in as many colors I’d like, but better than nothing, and the prices are good too. If anyone else has any better sources I would certainly love to find out about them.

Could be a good business opportunity - “designer” lamp hardware. :wink:


Haha, I’ve honestly had the exact same thought.

I’m looking to source very thin wire for low voltage wire. Similar to the ones used here

Can anyone help me find these?


I have been looking for very similar lamp parts and just found your thread.
Maybe you have already found the parts you needed, but if you are just looking for a nice pendant cord set with fabric cord for a prototype and are not too worried about price, West Elm sells this one:

(you can buy the cord kit and the canopy for hard wiring separately).

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