Sourcing internal Electronic components speakers & batteries

I have been commissioned to redesign a computer peripheral. The Engineer dropped the ball on the first phase of the product. The interior was messy, not thought out, and generally a HUGE waste of the interior space.

I would like to redesign the product from the ground up. (Has speakers, a keyboard, a battery, ect)

Where can I find components to swap out with the parts in the first product release? I would like to re organize the internals to change the profile and the overall shape of the product. Potentially trade up and source BETTER components than the ones that the original engineer located.


Digi-Key is the McMasterCarr of electronic components.

Excelent! Thanks!

Mouser is simular to DigiKey
Sparkfun and Adafruit are a little more user friendly and geared toward prototyping.


Do any of these resources have 3D components that are actually split up and renderable, instead of them all being merged into one? (EG a USB plug has the metal flange, then the separate white wafer inside, etc. Would be awesome!

Depending on the part you may be able to ungroup the original object and then select sub components and apply materials that way, but I don’t know if any of the Solid tools will be able to do that, I usually have to do that step manually in Alias.

It’s a pain, but most of the vendors supplying the CAD don’t care about renderings just the dimensions.