Sourcing for contemporary indoor water fountain

I have been looking for a well-designed fountain for a while now. But there doesn’t seem to be any in the market. Most looked real cheesy or cliched. Could someone give me some pointers please?

Surely there must be something out there?

fountain or wall? whats your budget?

I used to work for a Chinese company that made these. The market for indoor fountains dried up. They only make outdoor garden fountains now.

fountain or wall? whats your budget?

I am hoping for a fountain that is not above US$6K? If nothing is available, i guess then a wall one will do also

This is for the VIP room in a nightclub so it has to look somewhat edgy or zany and quirky i can attest to the quality of the materials and workmanship.

Here is a fountain that was produced many years ago by the Jellio company. Sadly, it has since been discontinued. Has anyone seen or come across any indoor fountain or water fetaure that is hip and fun?

sadly LOL thanks for the laugh, reminds me something a 9 year old would put to geather.

Enjoy: that fountain made my morning. Thanks for the fun post!

Try making your own design in that case you will be able to get what design you really want and have it manufactured.
I’m sure you won’t be having a hard time looking for one, because it is now the trend almost all offices and many other establishments are having this kind of accessories. Try also to visit blue, they might help you.

bring nature indoors, no matter where you are

Blog us has some nice ones.