Sourcing components - Cosmetics

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but bump it if needed.

I am working on a cosmetics project with a client and am up to the stage where we work out the details of how everything goes together. Functionality from the user side of things has been resolved but what I am after now is components to add to my designs. Primarily I need a lipstick gear and mascara brushes. By lipstick gear, I mean the plastic moulded parts that are found in lipsticks which have thread to drive the lipstick out.

Does anyone know a good place to source this sort of thing? I am fairly new to the cosmetics industry so I don’t know if there’s a best practice for this sort of thing. I have found a few items on Alibaba, and may order some samples soon.

I also want to make my design refillable, as the packaging is the feature, so perhaps I’ll be looking for good injection moulding companies out of Asia who do fine detailed work. I have a contact in Taiwan, but I think this sort of thing is too detailed for his setup.

Any help would be appreciated.

Outsorcing is they key to your problem my mom used to order all her products from Hong Kong you just got to look for a trustworthy source that offers what you’re looking for and fits your crtiteria. Good luck!!! and hope this helps you. PS always make little orders before making a huge one cause not all sources are trustworthy. :smiley: