sourcing a problem

i am doing a comparative study on sourcing in visual merchendising and art direction. dont know much bout these fields, just a student. nyone who has a knowledge about these fields plz let me know. i really think sourcing is a problem n it takes a lot of time from designers, hampers creativity. also give some solutions if possible. i think there should be some way to organize sourcing in these areas.plz let me know wt ur views on this.

You need to clarify. What do you mean by sourcing?

To me that means going out and buying finished product rather than developing it yourself.

Are you using a typewriter, a cellphone, or is that your fun designy way of spelling? It’s called WRITTEN ENGLISH. Plz!

Look where the amigoshruti is from.

You write up a question in Hindi and let amigoshruti analyze your grammar. You can just as easily send them a PM about this rather than trying to call them out in the public forum without knowing their background.