had some time. looking for manufacturers. amazing how easy it is to find Chinese companies. plenty of portals with free listing/registration. some have forum-like sites. links to webpages (for everyone. not just Chinese). the works. i go to old Thomas Register and what a disappointment now. maybe it was just seeing how few are left. but depressing anyways.

so does anyone know any good portal sites for U.S. manufacturers? esp sites that have small shop listings. found a site called or something. not too much there. is there anything like this? but bigger/better? i’d like to find a site with same kind of feel as those Chinese/Taiwanese portals but with small U.S. sources. i know there are small mom&pop places still out there. little tool and dye places. but aren’t they online? aren’t they networking? and btw i already went the dot gov route with state and local organizations. terrible. newsletters not updated for years. no information. old links. almost like we’re trying to send it all overseas.

Jobshop puts on a pretty decent show, usually a 100-150 companies show up, it’s very interesting, just don’t mention to any of them that you have ever worked with a chinese manufacturer.