Source of pro-forma legal contracts for furiniture sales


Does anyone know of a source of pro-forma legal contracts specifically for furniture sales into a retailer. If possible I would like to also see a clause on the issues surrounding “sale or return” e.g. damage to item in store.

Thanks for any leads…


Sales to a retailer aren’t typically governed by a contract, at least not in the US. The retailer buys the merchandise, and at that point it’s theirs. If they break it in their store, that’s their problem. Pre-existing defects are corrected by the manufacturer, and freight damage is covered by the contract with your carrier.

If you are selling on a consignment basis, however, you will need a contract. (Google “consignment contract”.) There are all kinds of ways to get screwed on consignment. Don’t do it unless you absolutely have to.

Thanks Scott, regarding the risk the Dept. Store has too good a brand name to miss the opportunity so will run the gauntlet for perceived market cred.