Sound Curtains: anybody know the latest?

I’d heard about noise cancellation technologies being developed for creating zones of sound in automobiles, so the driver could listen to one radio station and the passenger another.
Anybody know about the status of these developments?

It uses digital signal processing to create specific wave diffraction patterns. The only consumer technology that I know of with this technology are the Yamaha and Pioneer digital sound projectors. Also, I think the LRAD non-lethal weapon uses this.


Check out the Audio Spotlight:

As purplepeople said, it uses wave diffraction and interference to focus sound in a discrete spot, even many feet from the transducer.

But make sure to control your echoes, since the sound can bounce around once it “refocuses”…

Yeah, it’s the audio spotlight you’re thinking of–has nothing to do with noise cancellation.

thanks a bunch you guys…am looking it up :slight_smile:

the holosonics link is exactly what i was looking for, thanks J. had seen some thing similar on discovery a few years back…