SOS-Designing a TV advert reflecting childhood memory

Been doing a video design on TV channel pomotion. And come up with the problem- how to portray the childhood memory appealing to people with different cultural backgrounds? The aim is to make the advert an relevence feeling that will attract audience to know a little bit about the channel and would like to view the advert again. Personally I want it to hav old-fashioned colors and with some strong colors of light, which may relate to a feeling a time and space transferring. And I v choosen some imagies of subjects that related to the childhood.

my tutor said i need to know if people are thinking about these images I picked up the same way as I do. And I need to find some strong reason to relate the channel with my images as well.
so my question now is

  1. What is your favorite TV channel advert (only focusing on channel identity)?

  2. What made you start to like it in the first place?

  3. Please list an image/ images coming to your mind when you think of your childhood or any other particular period of your life(please specify).

and pls also leave your age:18-25, 25-30,31-39,40-55,56 or older
really need help,pls………