Sophmore ID portfolio

Hi everyone. So I just switched into Industrial Design this year from New Media Design (digital art and websites mostly). This is my first year in the program at RIT, and I was hoping to get some feedback on the work I’ve put together so far. I know that it’s still pretty digital media dependent; will this harm, help, or really not matter? Thanks for your time!


Anyone? :frowning:

Nice sketches!

Jordan, my first thought is that it feels a bit disjointed. First I had to figure out how to use the site, then it starts with some 3d work, I started to get eager in the motion 3d simulator thing, but it didn’t pay off with a polished design, some rough blue foam models and then some robo bugs… right now it feels like a series of exercises rather than a cohesive portfolio… keep building that body of work.

It is indeed a series of exercises…:frowning: Thanks for the help though, hopefully next year I’ll be able to get more into long projects (I should have a good one at the end of my summer job).

As for the simulator; yea we didn’t have quite enough time to finish it. Still, pretty good considering it was scratch built in 2 months by me and one other guy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

I hear you. A couple of polished rendering of the simulator with details and a page visually explaining what it is for would make that a nice project vs a piece of one… I’m sure you could carve out some time this summer for that!

OK so I wrote up a bunch about issues I have with the design/hierarchy of the website, then I realized it’s a portfolio service, so it wasn’t your fault.

#1: I’d switch sites. This Krop service is pretty terrible, and seems to be more suited toward graphic/photographic art showcase rather than ID.

#2: More context, explanations, polish! I’m sort of dropped into some OK renders (too clean/simple/not enough detail sometimes), then some grainy photos of people sitting in a chair (the presentation/explanation/context on this section really needs work… I’d like to see what’s going on on the computer screen). A video would be REALLY helpful.

Then there are really high quality photos of some … not so good craft blue foam /final models. The photos really don’t compliment the models (pick some more flattering photos?); the imperfections jump out at me, especially with a white-painted model.

Then some 2d work that just tells me that you really like to use this brownish old paper grainy texture whenever you design. Watch the balance of work you show!

And then some sketches where, again, I can really easily see imperfections/bad craft (i.e. the vignettes I can see the random direction marker strokes for the black marker… when markering, go in the same direction! it makes it a LOT cleaner).

Also lacking is any story. I don’t see any projects where I can see your design process. Where’s the sketches for those blue foam models? Final presentation boards? (Someone holding the model for context/ergonomics… whos the razor for, etc).

Anyway, a lot of these problems can be fixed with just the presentation (Group stuff into projects, show more process, explanation, etc). Step 1 would be to pick a better place to show your work! (Coroflot, or learn some HTML this summer). Keep going! Good luck with ID.

Thanks for the write up tarngerine. I’ll look into Coroflot (I got out of my old major because I didn’t want to learn HTML :p). I’ll start migrating my stuff over there - well, the stuff that’s worth it, anyway. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, in my resume there’s some more explanation about the flight simulator. I was pretty annoyed it didn’t give me much room for explanations, so I had to put it there.
Anyway, thanks again. :slight_smile: