soooooooooo lets talk about retraining

I’m with you there. Best job in the world.

One word to those of you tired of dealing with clients:


Plumber, man. There will ALWAYS be work for a plumber and you can charge almost anything. Just have to get past the smell.

This is true. Never hurts to dream. I have always had a dream of opening my own restaurant. It probably will never happen.

I grew up with a lot of blue collar workers and farmers in my family. This has been a thought of mine as well. I have a lot of appreciation for the work that you guys do.

I’m about there…

I grew up with a lot of blue collar workers and farmers in my family. This has been a thought of mine as well. I have a lot of appreciation for the work that you guys do.

Did. I got laid off a couple of weeks ago. Hadn’t you wondered why my posting rate increased :laughing:

Actually great fun while it lasted… . not too much to compromise about with dirt when you’re pushing it around with a D9. My dear old dad (RIP) always told me to be able to do a lot of different things.

Since being unwillingly “freed up to pursue other opportunities” last week, this is one topic that’s been on my mind the past few days. I’ve been looking for other employment (design or otherwise) for a long time now - well over a year - but with a regular paycheck, there was little motivation to do anything drastic. My motivation has certainly changed…

I will be completing my machinist certification soon. I might be ending up making medical device and implants to mend bone fractures. Think of your grandma’s replacement hip.
I am uncertain of the future, certainly the quote applies, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

machinist, fabricator or engineer. i love working with cars. i often wonered if i could apply my design knowledge to motorsport development outside of pure styling.

machinist, fabricator or engineer.

There may be a developing niche for locally built vehicles much along the lines of the old pre-Detroit era carriage builders (a local company built and serviced your rig). There’s plenty of room for innovative personal transportation systems … motorized bicycles, conversion to NG of gasoline vehicles, and gasoline-to-electric car conversion, come to mind.

And “green” Motorsports must be just around the corner.

That’s what I used to do. Professional racing is increasingly evolving to spec series where development is either restricted or prohibited. It would have been a blast in the 60s through the 80s, but now racecars are just rolling corporate billboards. There aren’t many areas of the car left where you can be clever. And now the amateurs are all out of money, so the lower level stuff is going to start hurting soon. There are still a few places where you can have fun. I did a Trophy Truck about 10 years ago, and pretty much the only rule was that you had to use the stock grill from the production truck. Aft of the grille you could pretty much do what you wanted, mid engine, active suspension, semi-auto gearbox, whatever you were crazy enough to try to make last 1000 miles. I don’t think there was even a minimum weight rule.

Richard, please,

If you don’t want to deal with clients don’t
do the teacher thing.
You’ll stand in front of 30 Clients, and nobody
is gonna buy your stuff.

There are too many teachers in my family to feel
healthy, but one thing I know for sure: Working
the showroom floor for Chrysler these days can’t
be less rewarding.

And save my unborn kids from teachers who
originaly wanted to be somebody and just

Drastic times may take drastic measures. My late
grandfather has worked as a shoemaker for
3 years because he could keep the kids fed with
it. Eventually he must have become rather good
at it when he learned to like the job. His grandsons
still appreciate welldone leather craftsmanship…

All the best

Yours mo-i

spec racing is where it’s at. i was involved in spec miata up until the last few years. i would want lend some design towards the aftermarket. i am totally blanking on the designer’s name (italian), but he believed he could improve an engine’s performance through industrial design. i don’t wholly believe it, but i don’t discount it. there is something intrinsic to a function and form challenge.

Some italian designer did improve engine performance by styling crankcases after fishes to be more aerodynamic. His name escapes me too, tried google but nothing came up. Has a G in it.

On the retraining bit, I’ve always wanted to have my own little cafe or patisserie. People may cut down on dining out, but not many people can bake.

What about all the infrastructure projects the Prez elect has promised to fund? I heard Gov. Terminator announced that he has all these shovel ready projects waiting for Federal dollars. Doent these news make the construction industry/workers optimistic?

Promises (like renderings) are easy and fun, making it real is HARD. I doubt that 1/3 of what was promised willl take place, and if so the wages will be a fraction of scale, in the national intrest of course.

A sniper.

I would look forward to a new career in any branch of the armed forces, federal, state or local law enforcement agencies.

I would also consider a position using my new found skill for any “waste management” company in the North Jersey/NYC area.

Luigi Colani

Practice Paintball!