soooooooooo lets talk about retraining

The econ is in the dumperster, time is not a wasting, so if you had to retrain, what fields what you look at.

Culinary Arts. I always worked in restaurants as a kid, I love to cook, and ironically I work for one of the largest candy companies in the world, Mars. Some how my life has always involved food. Not to mention that there is no better feeling than a few chefs in a kitchen that working well together. It’s like a well oiled machine.


electrician or plumber

Butcher. I like touching raw meat.

plumber or carpenter

edit: … or lego engineer


I’m with c2c… Always ready to go back to school and just learn.

indepently wealthy? how about if your over 50…?

What kind of retraining these days isn’t going to cost something considerable in terms of time or money?

I think with the new administration there will be $$ available for students. Just a thought…

Rockstar. I can shred like no other.

doubtful, but then again they can print the stuff till hell frezes over.

I concur. The feeling on a line when you’re knee deep in the weeds and knocking out plates is unbeatable. Plus cooking, especially in a high end place, uses a lot of design elements- you have to think about how different things go together, presentation, etc. And as a pastry chef you can really get creative with structure and 3D elements.

The bad news is, restaurants are getting hammered right now. Eating out is the first thing people cut back on, because it’s the easiest. A culinary arts education is also very expensive relative to the pay you’re likely to get.

Yes and is a young “mans” game…saw a piece on anthony bordains doing his old double at his last restruanut…damn near killed him.
I am tired of building protypes, seem to be a big jaded even on the design end (and over 50 in design is sorta over the hill) so I am thinking hard about “what next”.

I’d be a teacher. I’ve actually thought of getting my teachers certificate. Not that teachers are paid all that well (esp. with recent budget cuts), but it’s something I find really fulfilling and certainly less stressful than dealing with clients!


I was wondering who might broach the whatta-we-gonna-do-now thread.

I realized in 2004 that I wasn’t having fun in design any more (banging heads with clients, chasing deadbeats for my money, fronting material costs for prototyping, having to justify myself, and my fee, to people who haven’t got a clue how to manufacture things … you guys know the drill). I endentured myself to an apprenticeship program and spent 6000 hours learning how to operate big yellow things. I “journey out” (complete the apprentice program) on 1 January, just in time for the construction industry to disintegrate. California cut $3.8 billion in infrastructure funding this afternoon; new home construction fell by 19% last month, blah, blah, blah.

I worked restaurant kitchens in school for four years; stick a fork in me, I’m done with that thanks! Being a student might work, if it weren’t for the mortgage/car payment/insurance/utility bill thing, and for having just spent that last 6000 hours being one … again.

My daily ride; CAT 966g


how about if your over 50…?

I graduated from Purdue in 1973; you do the math.

I’m playing with the Idear of taking the MCAT and going to med school. As of now my brother and I are the only two that are not Engineers, doctors, or lawyers. My brother is in school for architecture.

Ya i hear you on all fronts, well guess there is the exciting field of being a monk…