sony's clean lcd display materials]

i need to know how the glossy transparent blue material and the disappering LCD is made of…is it a type of coating that they use on the plastic or a certain type of plastic…i really need to know. could anyone please let me know…thanks in advance

Looks like a clear blue plastic?

I will make two guesses:

  1. The DVD player looks as though it uses In Mold Decorating. If you don’t know what that is, it is a thin film printed with a color. The film is then placed into the injection molding tool and the plastic is injected forming the film to the shape of the mold (some processes vacuum form the film first). Where the graphics are, they would use a half-tone printing process so that the LCD could still be seen.

  2. I have also seen painting processes that are similar to screen printing. You spray the metallic blue, but it would be screened where the LCD opening is. So, when the LCD is off, it looks metallic blue, when the LCD is on you can see the text.

any material could work as long as it’s thin enough to let some light through but not too thin that’s it’s opaque, and the light display behind it is bright enough. Thin 1 way mirrors work also.

I agree with the in-mold.

thanks for the help guys…i tot it was some sort of flim on the material at first , i didnt know it was called in mold decoration. :slight_smile: