Sony Vaio No More


Bummer. Always liked that line.

Imagine what could have been though…


Now our office is full of “orphan laptops”. Could be a category
for retro techies 20 years on…

When I bought the last one in early 2013 the dealer was actively trying to
move me away from the costly Vaio line towards HP. But I do have not trust
into their products.

The Vaio experience was okey till now, but Windows 8 sucks so hard I’ll go
all the way to Apple next time. I’d love to have a decent alternative, though.

Like a top notch laptop, that lets you run all your legacy products. Software
and hardware.

F*ck Microsoft.


I like Windows 8. I feel so lame:(

Vaio was like the Oldsmobile of PCs. Far from a BMW, just a chevy with chrome…

I still remember when we got a VAIO desktop for Christmas one year. I asked my dad how much memory it had. He said ‘more than we’ll ever need - 384MB!’

Great design and hardware, but another Apple casualty.

Meh, sad to hear. One of the few PC brands that looks a bit decent…

and we had just recently been looking at the Vaio Flip Fit 15 hoping the recent NTrig pressure sensitivity updates might have made the 15.6" screen and Nvidia GPU worth a look.

Oh well.