Sony NW-WM1Z

I understand going after Pono before it was clearly a flop, but this is incredible! I kinda want one, even at $2000 or whatever the price is. I love the machining, old school looking electronics and weird mix of touch screen UI and physical buttons.

BTW: Why haven’t we seen an Android phone that looks like this? I always thought chunky would be a good reaction to iPhone’s thinness over everything.

I, too, like the feelings that Walkman evokes.

One of the reasons I like my Windows Phone so much is the Nokia-approach to just thin enough but not overly thin and with subtle contours.

Someone besides me on this planet still has one? :wink: MS has 8 months to make an amazing surface phone with curved glass or I’m getting the iPhone 8.


Yep, I’m on my second Windows Phone - it upgraded itself to Windows 10 Mobile last month, I like the update - I heard the new flagship is coming this Fall to compete with the iPhone 7.

I’m not holding my breath. I think MS is just about ready to torch Windows Mobile.

WindowsPhone sidebar: I’m really disappointed in some of the UX on W10. 1 out of 10 calls, I accidentally ignore now. The scrolling number selectors used to be easy to read and unique and are now iOS copies. Lastly, mail has random intermittent bugs.

I totally agree on the mail app - the phone issues I got used to pretty quickly - I’m assuming these will be fixed with rolling updates. When I bought my Surface Book, I went through about 6 months of occasional frustration, but now it’s 99% awesomeness. Product cycles and pulled-forward introductory dates seem to slice off about 20% of proper development on OS related goods these days. I bet Samsung is kicking themselves right about now for ignoring that EE who said, “boss, we need more time to solve this overheating issue.”