Sony EV Car

The sedan came out a couple of years back. I checked it out at CES. Very nice and clean. Kind of a Tesla model 3 run through a light Sony filter. The SUV version is new for this week’s CES. Initially it was all just supposed to be a demo vehicle to showcase Sony tech but now they are exploring making it. I’d consider it if it was commercialized.

Incredible how much I used to adore Sony brand and products, and how little I think about it now. They were the ne plus ultra for so long. These vehicles look competently styled but my brand associations are now “overly complicated, don’t play with anything else, vague or non-existent support, not market leaders in a category you care about”. The sound system in my truck says SONY 200W but it sucks.

They’re fine, I guess. Marginally better than 90% of the car styling that’s out there right now, IMO, but I would never in a million years look at these and think, “Oh yeah that’s Sony.” In fact I don’t think I have any idea what their aesthetic is right now, or if they even have one.

Side note: Can we please stop referring to things like this or the Model X as SUVs? A teeny tiny third row of seats and/or a hatchback does not a “utility vehicle” make.

Marginally better than 90% of cars on the road for a design that debuted 3 years ago at CES seems like not a bad first product, no?

I’m pretty dubious of them actually going through with producing it. Just getting the sales and service network might be difficult… but then again, with an EV, for the first 7 years alls you need is one brake pad change and 2 air filter changes and tires… until the entire battery pack needs to be replaced in year 7.

I’m for sure not saying I find it a “great” design, nor is really iconic or even very memorable, but it is nicer than most of those unfortunately very memorable BMWs and Lexuses (Lexii?) on the road now.

RE SUVs… that ship has sailed, along with calling sleek 4 doors coupes unfortunately.

The plural of Lexus is absolutely Lexi/Lexii :wink:

It just felt wrong to put the extra s on the end :slight_smile:

Non-gendered Lexux.

Buying public doesn’t understand the word ‘crossover’ I’m afraid. More like ‘small SUV’.


+1 for the EV Element. :slight_smile:

I always loved that car and my friends who had the kept them as long as they could. A flat floor EV would be great for the Element.

I dearly miss my Honda Element and will be the first in line to reserve an Element EV if it ever comes to be.

Ours has a 5 speed, a full meal’s worth of snack crumbs on the floorboards, and 170,000 on the clock. We call her ‘Tank’. It has half of the dust in Bend Oregon embedded in the rear seats. Inconceivable that the Ele-c-ment doesn’t exist yet. Car makers know they’ll never sell anything else, that’s why they won’t build it.

My neighbors daughter still has a pretty mint Element that I’m completely jealous of everytime I see it. I’d forgotten just how simple those things were, and how perfect they were for most people. And EV Element would be an instant best seller.

I bought my Element in college with about 75k miles, original model year ('04.) The only things that ever went wrong with it until well over 200k miles were some weird bugs in the electrical system. It went across the country three times and took numerous trips to, from, and through mountain ranges - often filled to the brim with friends, dogs, skis, and bikes. It was quite simply the most useful object I have ever owned.

Incredible story! I believe it!
The cargo hauling aspect is so great. The seats are maybe a bit finicky to remove, but that bit of discomfort is minor compared to the utility. We had two people, two DH bikes and two huge gear bags for a week at Whistler, and everything/body fit perfectly. Low step-up height to the rear hatch helped.

OT it isn’t hard to envision one of those ‘skateboard’ battery decks below the flat floor. Then they can use electromagnets to hold the seats in place instead of the crumb-filled mechanical latches. It doesn’t need to win any horsepower awards but the range would have to be decent. Keep the rest of the interior basic, no wattage-guzzling gizmos, manual sunroof crank.

The back seats were certainly finicky to fully remove, but what seats aren’t. I came to love the flipped-up-flat-along-the-sides configuration and rarely ever took the seats all the way out. Doing so gave you full use of the entire cargo floor, privacy for car camping, and interior shade/heat management all while sacrificing very little in overall cargo volume due to the seats’ low-profile design. It was so much simpler than all of the crazy fold-flat systems you see in SUVs and minivans these days, and arguably just as effective. Another one of the Element’s forgotten great features.

The Honda Element was way ahead of its market. That s why college kids bought it, if they could make the stretch.

The SONY EVs seem to be behind the curve, though. Some parts scream 8oies futurism to me.

Honda Element would have been a great Sony car :slight_smile:

I mean, the old Walkman color schemes would fit that car perfectly.

YES! Silver over blue with Orange Wheels!!

I still rock the OG Element.

I had to re-solder some contact points on the gauge cluster though. Maybe that is the weird electrical thing that someone mentioned happening after a while. It took some detective work to find. When the weather would get cold the solder points would contract away from the board and it would trigger the immobilizer. The cars never had any other problems except when someone stole the catalytic converter (that hurt). That is one great thing about EV’s no exhaust parts. I would total be all about an electric Element.